Transform your manual, disconnected data workflows using the Cube automation platform.

cube building blocks

Intelligent Building Blocks

Using a point-and-click interface, users rapidly create building blocks that:

  • Have the advanced configurability needed to automate complex data tasks

  • Adapt automatically to changes in data without the need for manual reconfiguration


These building blocks are linked together to create workflows that orchestrate data across your I/O and processing steps

cube inputs


Integrations with any data source through APIs, data connectors, and other custom applications, ingested into a centralized location with a standardized structure. 

cube processing


Intelligent processing to transform and interpret data on a deep level, covering a wide range of capabilities -- ETL, multilayered data pivots, custom logic, velocity calculations, supervised and unsupervised learning, predictive analytics, and more.

cube marketplace


Our marketplace lets users within an organization seamlessly exchange data assets created on the Cube platform.  Data assets can be datasets, dashboards, data science models, workflows, or entire applications. Users can leverage these assets as blueprints to accelerate their automation efforts.

cube outputs


Automated analytical outputs.  Users access results in visual formats (e.g. dynamic web dashboards or powerpoint presentations) or through interactive applications (e.g. data table explorers and no-code data hooks).

cube data science

Data Science

Advanced data science capabilities are embedded into the Cube platform, enabling nontechnical users to leverage predictive analytics and data science modeling to supercharge their insights.

Use Cases

Cube can be utilized for a wide range of use cases across diverse industries. Our clients span technology, CPG, healthcare, finance, agency, retail and non-profit organizations.

Common use cases include:

         Brand health tracking    

         Predictive analytics    

         Data science modeling      

         Personalization / Microtargeting    

         Ad hoc research    

         Customer feedback monitoring     

         Recurring business reporting    

         Marketing analytics

use case