Data Analytics, Simplified.

Cube Analytics is a no-code platform that automates data analytics

cube analytics problem
The Problem

The volume of data generated by individuals, organizations, and technologies is exploding.  Data is also evolving into increasingly complex and fragmented forms, making it hard to tap into its potential.

cube anaytics mission
Our Mission

We are focused on solving the toughest data challenges with software that enables insightful, fast and cost-effective analytics from all of your data sources.

cube analytics solution
Your Solution

Cube provides the most advanced and customizable software for end-to-end data analytics automation.  From collection, to processing, to visualization, we help unlock your full potential.

Full lifecycle platform that seamlessly automates your data analytics

cube analytics collection

Data Collection

Cube Collection Applications integrate with all your data sources and automatically ingest them into a centralized location with a standardized structure.

cube analytics processing

Data Processing

Configurable data workflows automagically convert raw data into fully processed outputs, no matter the complexity.  Cube's advanced capabilities go well beyond basic data transformations.

cube analytics outputs

Analytical Outputs

A diverse set of applications enable users to programmatically generate analytical outputs driven by data workflows within the Cube platform.


Our configurable technology allows us to create solutions that fit your unique analytical needs.  We help you achieve maximum automation of your data workflows, no matter how big the challenge.

Our team of data scientists can also support and advise when needed, ensuring that you leverage the best solutions on the path to achieving your goals.

Key Benefits

cube insights

Faster Insights

cube cost

Reduced Cost

cube accuracy

Increased Accuracy

cube scalability

Improved Scalability

cube outcomes

Better Outcomes

Cube helps elevate your analytics capabilities and delivers a wide range of benefits.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Data Analytics?

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