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Automatically integrate data from all of your marketing platforms and apply advanced analytics to better plan, optimize, and measure your marketing activities

Sample applications:

  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Performance analytics
  • Microtargeting
  • Markdown and price optimization
  • Campaign tracking
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Customer insights / market research

Reduce time spent running complex customer insights analysis and market research from days to minutes.  Generate new insights from more data sources.

Sample applications:

  • Survey research
  • Voice of customer analytics
  • Multi-data source digital brand health tracking
  • Customer segmentation
  • Trend predictions
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data engineering

Drastically increase the velocity of your data engineering activities including building data integrations, managing complex ETL workflows, provisioning data views, and maintaining data science models

Sample applications:

  • Streamlined data ingestion from disparate 3rd party data sources using REST API integrations, RPA, file transfers, and web scraping
  • Automation of complex ETL workflows
  • Creation of no-code apps for business users to access data warehouse views
  • Low-code data science and text analytics
  • Standardized data prep and semantic layer management
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business intelligence

Automate recurring BI reporting for your most intricate reports and deliver in any format for frictionless consumption

Sample applications:

  • Automated workflows to produce recurring Powerpoint reports and web dashboards
  • Rapid prep and email distribution of critical ad hoc business data views to stakeholders in Excel
  • Custom logic to notify users when specific thresholds are reached for key business metrics
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General Management

Better synthesize your data and analysis into a clear bird’s eye view of how to run your business.  Become more data-driven in your decision making without getting pulled into the weeds.

Sample applications:

  • Data science modeling to better understand drivers for key business metrics
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate key shifts in your business results
  • Benchmarking analysis to understand performance vs. key competitors
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investment / M&A

Augment your diligence work and investment decision-making with automated data collection and data science modeling

Sample applications:

  • Automated diligence through collection and processing of unstructured / semi-structured documents like financial models, financial statements, and research reports
  • Predictive modeling to identify potential investments / acquisitions with high potential for future growth
  • Equity research
  • Automated financial modeling and reporting
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Human Resources

Improve your ability to identify, recruit, manage, and retain employees through cutting edge data-driven apps tailored to your needs

Sample applications:

  • Automated processing and modeling of candidate information (e.g. resumes, social media, company stats) to identify and predict high value hires
  • People analytics driven by diverse 1st and 3rd party data sources
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supply chain

Effortlessly analyze and optimize your supply chain activities through highly customizable apps powered by advanced data modeling

Sample applications:

  • Inventory positioning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Intelligent fulfillment
  • Shipment timing optimization
  • Reverse Logistics
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Automate financial reporting, modeling and analysis across all your data sources and tools

Sample applications:

  • Data consolidation from disparate financial tools into a central data warehouse
  • Automated recurring reporting
  • Ingestion of external data to enhance financial forecasting
  • Financial modeling automation
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Track internal KPIs and create data-processing workflows between your operations SaaS tools

Sample applications:

  • Internal dashboards to track KPIs
  • Workflow automation to trigger data-driven actions between SaaS tools
  • Automate previously manual operational analytics and reporting tasks
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strategy / innovation

Analyze big data from a variety of data sources to uncover insights that will give your business a strategic or innovation edge

Sample applications:

  • Trend identification
  • Threat monitoring
  • Social listening for category or product insights
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Automate your sales / CRM reporting and integrate your 1st and 3rd party sales tools to enable orchestrated, programmatic workflows

Sample applications:

  • CRM pipeline analysis & reporting
  • Automated rules for programmatic sales outreach
  • Text analytics to better profile sales prospects based on communications and online information
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